Monday, January 19, 2009

Nectarean quotes

Krsna is creator, maintainer and destroyer of everything. He is the Absolute Truth. He is the goal of life. We should take shelter of Him through devotional service. All kinds of knowledge, all kinds of austerities we may perform; the conclusion is that if we do not take shelter of Krsna, (then) it is all simply a waste of time. Just like a devotee; a devotee may work very hard to make money and with that money he decides that they are going to cook a wonderful feast and work for days to prepare the preparation but then he never offers it to Krsna, he does everything but does not bring it to the alter and never offers it, (then) it is a waste of time. Once you offer it to Krsna then everything else you have done, the process, is glorious; it is devotional service. Materialistic people, they are performing so many activities which are simply ugra karma, just foaming in the mouth, working so hard, waste of time. Sometimes devotees do the same activities but in the end they offer it to Krsna and therefore everything are auspicious from the beginning to the end because the conclusion is right. So the final conclusion of understanding everything about this material existence, God and the living entity is to take shelter of Krsna whole heartedly.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

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