Thursday, March 12, 2009

Radhanath Swam on Foundation of Spiritual Life

To the degree we serve our own ego or the ego of others, to the degree we are intolerant to others, to the degree we demand respect or disrespect others, is to the degree we are servants of our false ego. And we are bereft of our understanding of our real Krishna conciousness. So this is what Krishna conciousness really is.

It is an internal revolution of our inner conciousness for the sake of bringing about the awakening of our real humility, devotion and our desire to serve. As devotees, it is our goal of life to present ourselves in a way that Krishna can enjoy. We want to present in our own life, beauty that Krishna can appreciate and take pleasure in. Vaishnava etiquette is a process in which devotee deal with one another, relate with one another and it is based on those relationships that we make real spiritual advancement and really attract Krishna. It should be second to nothing else. However much pressure, however much necessity there is in our practical service, if it is at the expense of proper devotional relationships with our godbrothers and godsisters and other devotees, we should know that we are defeating our own purpose. Sometimes we see that devotees are so busy, they have so many deadlines, so many quotas, which are good to keep us fixed in our devotional service to accomplish many necessary goals. But oftentimes we are so much preoccupied by these things that we neglect the most important part of our spiritual life, which is our sadhana and our relationships with other devotees. Offending Vaishnavas is the greatest impediment to spiritual progress. If we offend devotees, Krishna withdraws his mercy. And all our devotional service is performed only to attract Krishna's mercy. So this is very important. We can learn philosphy of Krishna conciousness in a wonderful way, we can memories thousands of shlokas, we can memorize entire scriptures and can be able to present them so wonderfully to others, but if we do not know how to deal with Vaishnavas, if we do not know how to serve Vaishnavas, scriptural study becomes null and void. Because none of this is pleasing to Krishna. So this is the foundation in which our spiritual lives, individually and collectively can grow and develop. So there is nothing that is more important to put emphasis on than this.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post by Radhanath Swami on how important it is for us to cultivate proper attitude while practicing our spiritual life & not do anything at the cost of breaking our KC relationships with other devotees !