Friday, June 19, 2009

Terror Attack

Nrsimhadeva in your mobile phone was pointed out:


Radhanath Maharaja told me a very blissful story the other day and he said I could use it. So here goes! There was that Taj Hotel where the terrorists attacked. They were fighting in there for three days, complete carnage. The terrorists had arranged in such a way that they would always be up higher. They would shoot from a lower vantage point down. Radhanath Maharaja told me this. They had all these grenades and they would throw the grenades and the grenades would create so much smoke that if you were down looking up you couldn’t see anything.
Picture that you are one of these soldiers or police officers and you are in this cloud of smoke and up above you there is this hail of bullets from the terrorists shooting at you. One of those soldiers was one of our devotees. At one point, they were trying to chase these people through the hotel. They are trapped. The terrorist were throwing all these grenades, they are in a complete cloud of smoke. They cannot see one foot in front of their face. They can’t see left, right or anything and this hail of bullets is being fired at them. Just a wall of bullets coming at them.
This devotee police officer, with two other police officers on either side, he is in the middle, he actually was completely helpless. He couldn’t see left, right, he couldn’t see his colleagues. He remembered that he had on his ring tone on his phone Nrsimhadeva prayers. He began playing the Lord Nrsimhadeva prayers and praying intently to Lord
Nrsimhadeva, “Please I am absolutely helpless. I am going to die. Save me, in an absolutely hopeless state.”

When the shooting stopped, the smoke cleared, his friend to the right and his friend to the left were completely killed, riddled with bullets, and he was unscathed. In front of him, which he couldn’t see at the time, was a giant pillar. And because they were shooting at him the pillar protected him. He thought, “Just as Lord Nrsimhadev came out of the pillar to save Prahlada He put a pillar here to save me!” So my point is, simple point, is if we have that faith, “Oh, how will I be taken care of?” Lord Narasimha will take care of you, Don’t worry. Let me give my life to the mission of our Vaishnava acaryas.

Date: February 19, 2009


  1. Wow . Thank's To Radhanath Swami for sharing this amazing Story. I seek blessings of His Holiness Radhanath Swami so That i can also develop such faith on Lord. And follow teh teachings taught by His Holiness Radhanath Swami. For more such story visit

  2. Amazing story on faith... I wish with blessings of vaishanava i can inculcate the same...

  3. Indeed the Lord reciprocates with us when we seek His protection with a very sincere heart.

  4. this story surely increased my faith in god.thank you radhanath swami for sharing this story.

  5. what a faith by this story our faith towards god increase thanks for wonderful post

  6. Its really a miracle that his life was saved....this proves the fact of faith on Lord...just Like Mata Draupadi had on L. Krishna....completely surrendered