Monday, October 12, 2009


Pralambasura is greatest of the demons. Do you know what he represents? He represents lusty inclinations. Lusty inclination towards sex and subtle sex, craving for profit, adoration and distinction. Whenever these influences come into your heart, you should recognize Pralambasura has come. And these particular anarthas are very much like Pralamabasura because they disguise themselves as our friends, with the promise of happiness, with the promise of relief. And this is how maya whispers to us. If you have a position, if you have prestige, if people honour and respect you, you will be happy. And then we motivate ourselves in order to get those things. What to speak of illicit sex, it is such a promise of happiness of pleasure, it is a demon in disguise. It can only be killed in the presence of guru and Krishna in your heart.

The desire for prestige is very deadly. Srila Visvanath Cakravati explains three reasons of falldown for devotees which are most prominant: kanak -desire to accumulate wealth; kama - desire to enjoy the opposite sex, desire for sex life; pratistha - prestige.

These three things are sure to corrupt our spiritual life.

As far as prestige goes, the desire for adoration and distinction is Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati said it is as abominable as the dung of a boar. It’s recycled stool through a boar.

It is abominable. That is how we should see our desire for prestige. But even in the spiritual societies, people are so driven by this desire for prestige, I am better than you, we learn the scriptures, if you know the scriptures, taking on the most fallen position and let me just learn this so I can serve my gurudev, the Vaishnavas then learning scriptures is very very good, but sometimes we become more learned than others and we think I am better than others. I am more advanced than you. How many slokas you know? How many people can you defeat? How many people can you leave spell bound when you give a lecture? It’s wonderful if you can do all that stuff providing its in the mood of the servant of the servant, but if you start thinking I am better than others, and you start longing for prestige, and when you do it you start expecting and demanding respect , what are you doing? You are simply tasting the dung of the abominable boar, according to Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakur, our parampara guru. He was so graphic because it’s such a deep burning in people’s hearts.

Now the desire to feel valued, the desire to feel appreciated, it’s just natural within everybody but when we want honor, respect and prestige, it’s very dangerous form of sense gratification and it’s the major cause of falldown. It’s Pralamabasura disguising himself. I make you so happy, just get this position, get this prestige, get this honor, get this sex life, acquire and acquire, acquire more materialistic things. Disguised as your friend, this voice, but no, that voice is only out to destroy your bhakti. Hare Krishna! And that is a fact. That is maya’s whisper, that is Pralambasura ‘s whisper promising you everything, disguised as your best friend, but the only mode of invasion of all these influences is to corrupt the life, entangle you into material bondage and destroy your bhakti. Hare Krishna!-

H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj


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