Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Radhanath Swami on serving two masters

Even when Krishna comes to this world, materialistic people find faults in Him. So do you think you are better than Krishna? Do you think they are not going to find fault in you? If you become a nice materialist some other class of nice materialist will find fault in you and the devotees will think you are crazy. If you enjoy your senses the devotees say you are in Maya you are a rascal and if you chant in Kirtan, the materialist will say you are insane. You are gone crazy. Therefore Lord Jesus said you cannot serve two masters. You will either be loved by one or be hated by the other. You have to choose your master. Then he said you cannot love God and mammon simultaneously. Similarly Lord Sri Krishna explains in this verse that what is night for all beings is the time of the awakening for the self-controlled. Therefore in Krishna Consciousness this is our great ambition ataḥ pumbhir dvija-śreṣṭhā varṇāśrama-vibhāgaśaḥ svanuṣṭhitasya dharmasya saḿsiddhir hari-toṣaṇam O best among the twice-born, it is therefore concluded that the highest perfection one can achieve by discharging the duties prescribed for one's own occupation according to caste divisions and orders of life is to please the Personality of Godhead. We have no other concern. Whether we make profit or whether we make loss, whether we are successful or whether we fail, whether the world loves us or the world condemns us…we are not concerned, we will do our best for Krishna’s sake and if it is pleasing to Him, then our life is perfect. That is all.

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  1. Beautiful article by Radhanath Swami....his teachings penetrates the heart & encourages one on the spiritual path.....