Monday, June 21, 2010

Radhanath Swami on Compassion

Everybody is searching for immortal happiness. But in this world there are so many impediments to our sensual happiness, which cause so much pain. There are three types of pain that are described in the Vedic literatures. Adhiatmika or pain created by one’s own body and mind; Adhibhautika or pain caused by other living beings; and Adhidaivika or pain that is caused by natural disturbances that are beyond our control. The greatest need in this world today is men/women who have pure hearts and compassionate desires to help people overcome suffering. The greatest welfare is to inaugurate within a person’s life the understanding by which he could be really happy.


  1. Free from false prestige or pride – The first qualification
     Conditioned soul is puffed up – Thinks himself to be the Lord (always expecting some honor),
    this makes it difficult for him to surrender
     Solution – Cultivate knowledge to know that I am not the Lord but Supreme Personality of
    Godhead is the Lord
     Freedom from pride begins the process of surrender

  2. Radhanath swami is compassionate towards every living entity in the creation.

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  4. hare krishna. "Real humility is to have realization and the understanding that everything is the property of God" or

  5. Very thoughtful words.
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  6. So much suffering in the world,Maharaj teaches how to eradicate it all..
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  7. Thank you very much Maharaj for showering so much mercy on us...Hare krishna!

  8. Swamiji thanks for your compassion on all of us.....your teaching are enriching all of our lives.........