Thursday, June 17, 2010

Radhanath swami on Secret of Success in Spiritual Life

You can give a rich man much money, but he doesn’t need that. Yet, he may thank you. But if you give something, though a ‘little’ something—even just a nice word—to the son of that rich man, the rich man will be indebted to you forever , because his son is more dear to him than himself . Similarly, what can we do for God? God needs nothing from us. But when we serve someone he loves, then Krishna is most pleased. This is the actual secret of success in spiritual life.


  1. aradhananam sarvesham vishnor aradhanam param
    tasmat parataram devi tadiyanam samarcanam


    "[Lord Siva told the goddess Durga:] 'My dear Devi, although the Vedas recommend worship of demigods, the worship of Lord Vishnu is topmost. However, above the worship of Lord Vishnu is the rendering of service to Vaishnavas, who are related to Lord Vishnu.'
    - CC Madhya 11.31

  2. haribol, thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts. I often read your quotes in this site. which helps me a lot


  4. Really words of wisdom!

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  6. Thanks swamiji for revealing this secret